Change Your Life by Walking More

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How many steps do you need to take daily to lose weight and boost your health benefits levels? You may have heard that 10,000 steps a day is needed for the average person to achieve and maintain a healthy level of fitness. But where did this number come from? And why is walking, which seems rather effortless, so important in keeping fit? As it turns out, the simple act of walking improves healthy blood flow, contributes to a healthy heart, and can even crank up your metabolism, allowing you to lose more weight and get fitter quicker than those who walk less.

And regarding the 10K daily step recommendation, the Japanese came up with the magic “10,000 steps a day” figure as a marketing device to sell more pedometers. But they must have done their research, because medical authorities everywhere agree that 10,000 steps daily (approximately 5 miles) is a good number to aim for if your goals are to lose weight and get in shape. Let’s look at 10 simple ways to walk more every day that you can implement immediately and easily.

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